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Cowboys break mini camp with an optimistic point of view.

Romo looks healthy and ready to start the season

The Dallas Cowboys mini-camp wrapped up yesterday and from all accounts, the team is beginning to look like the squad that took the NFC East in 2014.  Tony Romo, who has suffered through injuries the past few seasons (broken clavicle in 2010, broken rib/punctured lung in 2011, herniated disk in 2013, two back fractures in 2014 and broken collar bone and re-broken collar bone in 2105) has looked as sharp as ever and is throwing the ball accurately and with strength.

“Just in his movement, he looks more athletic than he has in the last couple of years,” quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson said. “I think that part of that is his back issues and the rehab from that. He’s bringing a lot of energy as well. Those are all good, positive things for our team.”

Fans are ready to know which way Dallas will go in the draft

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys franchise have the eyes of the world on them as they prepare to enter the 2016 NFL Draft kicking off tomorrow, April 28th.  The Cowboys have the 4th overall pick in the draft and pundits, fans, and non fans have been weighing in on where the Cowboys should go.

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